Frances Fitzgerald TD, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs

"It is an extremely valuable step in preventing the sale of age restricted products to children. It is important to assist those at the front line, the retailers, by giving them easy access to support materials and information. I am very pleased that all trade associations involved have been able to do this with the Show Me I.D- Be Age OK campaign."


Peter Byrne, CEO South Dublin Chamber

"South Dublin Chamber are delighted to be able to support a campaign of this nature, with the aim of supporting retailers in the prevention of the sale of age restricted products to youths. This initiative provides retailers with the information and resources to comply with the laws in this area and protect themselves against potential prosecution. This means therefore that vital retail jobs won’t be placed in jeopardy."


David Fitzsimons, CEO Retail Excellence Ireland

"The Show Me I.D – Be Age Ok campaign provides retailers with an excellent training opportunity to ensure that their staff know exactly what they can and cannot sell to minors and how to deal with difficult situations arising from the non-sale of age-restricted products. This protects minors but also retailers and their staff."


Vincent Jennings, President of CSNA

"In the absence of a government sponsored identity card the CSNA believe that any initiative that restricts access to age controlled product is welcome. We welcome and endorse the Show Me I.D – Be Age Ok campaign."


Tara Buckley, RGDATA Director General

“RGDATA consistently encourages its members who operate 4,000 shops around Ireland to ensure that they have robust systems in place in relation to shop policy and staff training on age related products. Independent shops are very conscious that they play an important role in their communities in ensuring the responsible sale of age related products especially alcohol and tobacco. We welcome the Show Me I.D – Be Age OK initiative by ITMAC and encourage shopkeepers to access the website with its very practical assistance.”


Evelyn Jones, Chairperson of National Off-License Association

“Tobacco just like alcohol is an age restrictive product and as retailers we all have a responsibility to prevent the sale of these products to minors. Determining a person’s age is one of the challenges that face tobacco or alcohol retailers and it is one area where a lack of judgement can have severe and costly consequences. The only way to establish a person’s true age is to get them to validate their age. NOffLA supports the “Show Me I.D” campaign as it is one measure that can be adopted by all staff to safeguard your business and reduce the risk of selling to minors. Never take a chance – always get youthful looking customers to prove they are over 18 by requesting a valid age document.”


Padraig Cribben, CEO of Vintners Federation of Ireland

“The VFI regularly reminds its members of the importance of checking identification in respect of alcohol sales, but also for tobacco sales. We support the "Show Me I.D - Be Age Ok" campaign and we once again call on the government to introduce a national mandatory age card.”


Joe Griffin, District President of NFRN Ireland

“These days it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell the age of customers and we welcome the chance to work with ITMAC to promote responsible retailing through the "Show me I.D - Be Age OK" initiative.”