Training Module

The competition is open for entries until February 10th.

  • So that’s the training completed!

    Here’s a recap on some of the key facts to remember!

    Key Facts to Remember

    • Acceptable forms of I.D to prove age are:
      • Garda Age Card
      • Passport
      • Drivers License
    • If a customer looks under 18 and can’t prove his/her age, you should say:
      • I’m sorry, I can’t sell you this product because I would be breaking the law. Can I sell you another product?
      • I’m sorry, I can’t sell you this product because I’m not sure you’re over 18 and I could be breaking the law. Would you like anything else?
    • The potential consequences for being caught selling products to under 18s are:
      • You could be fined
      • You could lose your job
      • You could be imprisoned
      • You could find it difficult to find alternative work due to a criminal record
    • Products that can’t be sold to minors under the age of 18:
      • Cigarette papers
      • Cigars
      • Loose tobacco/roll your own tobacco
      • Filters
      • Cigarettes
    • After you’ve refused a sale, you should record it on the refusals register.
    • HSE Environmental Health Officers can send underage minors into your store to see if you serve them tobacco products.

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